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Exhibitors Murcia was established in 1988 under the management of Don José Cartagena in a small facility in the village of Murcia was Alta. At present it is in the West Industrial Park Sewer (Murcia) with facilities of over 7,000 square meters.

Murcia Exhibitor is located between the main companies of the sector with modern facilities equipped with the most efficient for its purpose machinery. From Our beginnings to the present we have designed, manufactured and perfected over 1500 models of exhibitors attending any market and innovating to offer our customers the latest and most modern trends.

Available with a large team of specialists with over 25 years of industry experience to offer our customers the best value and the best positioning for their products. "Exhibitor" Ask us without commitment.

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Murciana de Expositores - C/ Costa Rica, Parcela 11, 1B C.P. Pol. Industrial Oeste. Alcantarilla, Murcia. Tlf: 968 88 11 00. Fax: 968 88 07 07. Email.